About the Company

Yosh.AI is a deep tech conversational AI company that offers voice AI agents that reinvent communication between companies and their clients, thanks to Yosh’s conversational AI technology based on Google Dialogflow, advanced technical know-how, and a deep understanding of communication in business.
Our services include:

  • Building customized conversational AI solutions
  • Specializing in voice & text assistants
  • End-to-end solution delivery – integration of AI assistants with: CRM, Call Center systems – Genesys, Cisco & others, Third-party systems, Managed services & solutions’ development

Yosh.AI helps enterprises implement automation into their communication streams. Its collaborative and flexible approach helps customers leverage the full power of AI and automation to maximize revenue, improve operational efficiency, and deliver powerful customer experiences.

Yosh.AI focuses on working with Europe and US-based clients. An international team of ~50 professionals with corporate experience work to bring value and seamless implementation to all clients. On the technological side, top AI scientists (12 PhDs) and engineers create state-of-the-art voice AI solutions which outperform competitors and human agents and both ensure the highest accuracy of speech recognition available today and create seamless user experiences thanks to the automation of client processes.

While Yosh.AI products are based on Google Dialogflow, thanks to the cutting edge AI and linguistic training combined with the know-how from many live implementations, Yosh AI developed pre-designed, pre-trained and ready products, including voice AI agent for retail. They achieve ~95 % accuracy and the implementation time of the product is 1 week.
Yosh.AI, a Google partner, is highly recognised for its innovative approach and the ability to execute plans for even the most demanding enterprise clients.

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