About the Company

Six and Sons is a carefully curated platform and concept store in Amsterdam for sustainable brands with a focus on men’s and women’s fashion, homeware, giftware, and a cacoa+tea bar.

Six stands for ‘six degrees of separation’ – all people are six, or fewer social connections away from each other – and Sons stands for ‘Save Our Nature Stories’: every brand we work with should tell its own story about what it is doing to reduce waste and save the planet.

We have pillars that are considered when making the selection:
– ethically made
– organic or sustainable material
– give back programs with CSR
– reducing C02 emissions: Minimise transport and logistic with local production (European)
– recycled, upcycled, offcuts, or using innovative manufacturing processes

We are here to support independent brands and entrepreneurs who want to make a difference.
The store is like a permanent pop-up store with various brands coming in and out to build brand awareness.
The idea is to use it as a MEDIA CHANNEL to help build awareness of the brand and the platform.

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