About the Company

Megaventory is the web startup that changes the everyday life of employees in commercial businesses. It does this by offering a complete, flexible and state-of-the-art, cloud ERP application which can meet all the business needs of a company.

Every day, hundreds of employees use our application to process customer orders, replenish and monitor their inventory, and manage the company’s production and reporting. Megaventory is one of the first startups offering Software as a Service ERP and has managed to establish itself in the global ranking with customers in more than 40 countries organically and all that without external borrowing or venture capital financing.

It is from this privileged position that we continue to enrich our product and grow our customer base by designing and implementing new online marketing initiatives. We are interested in employing and educating a pre-graduate within an internship position who will actively set up and manage these initiatives under our guidance.

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