Start date 01.02.2024 or upon agreement
Duration min. 4 months
Attendance Fully in person – company’s office
Required language skills English C1


We offer an enriching and hands-on opportunity for a Teacher Intern at The Bridge English Language Center in Bratislava, Slovakia. This internship is designed to provide aspiring educators with practical experience in English language teaching, allowing them to develop their skills under the guidance of experienced professionals. As a Teacher Intern, you will be an integral part of our language center delivering high-quality English language lessons to students of diverse backgrounds and proficiency levels. You will have the chance to work closely with experienced educators and gain valuable insights into the field of English language education.

Your tasks and responsibilities

You will:

  • Collaborate with experienced teachers to observe and assist in delivering engaging and effective English language lessons that align with the center’s curriculum and learning objectives.
  • Prepare and deliver instructional activities and materials under the guidance of lead teachers, fostering a stimulating and supportive learning environment.
  • Provide one-on-one and small group support to students, offering personalized assistance and constructive feedback to enhance their language skills.
  • Contribute to classroom management, ensuring a positive and inclusive atmosphere that promotes active student participation and mutual respect.
  • Assist in designing and implementing creative teaching aids and interactive activities to optimize students’ language learning experience.
  • Participate in regular meetings and training sessions to enhance teaching skills, reflect on teaching practices, and receive constructive feedback.

Training and learning elements of internship

You will acquire knowledge on: Lesson planning: The intern will learn how to plan and create age-appropriate English language lessons and activities for children that are engaging, interactive, and fun.

Classroom management: The intern will learn how to create a positive and inclusive classroom environment where students feel safe and comfortable to learn. This includes learning how to manage behavior, provide positive reinforcement, and maintain a structured classroom routine.

Classroom Assessment and Evaluation: The intern will learn about various assessment tools and techniques for evaluating students’ progress and language proficiency. This element will focus on formative and summative assessment methods and how to provide constructive feedback to students.

Reflective Practice: Reflective teaching is a fundamental aspect of professional growth. The intern will be encouraged to engage in reflective practice, which involves self-assessment, analyzing your teaching experiences, and identifying areas for improvement.

Professional Development: Throughout the internship, the intern may have opportunities for professional development, attending workshops, seminars, and training sessions. This will help the intern stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the field of English language teaching and education.

You will acquire skills in: Teaching techniques: The intern will acquire skills in using a variety of teaching techniques for young and adult learners, including how to use visuals, games, and activities to enhance language acquisition and comprehension.

English language skills: The intern will acquire skills in identifying and addressing the English language needs of students at different proficiency levels. The Intern will also improve their own English language skills through immersion in the class environment and working with native speakers.

Interpersonal skills: The intern will acquire skills in communication and interpersonal relationships, including how to connect with students, build positive relationships with them, and collaborate with colleagues.

Cross-Cultural Communication: Working in an English language center often involves interacting with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. The intern will develop cross-cultural communication skills and gain an appreciation for cultural differences, which will help create a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Professionalism: The intern will acquire skills in professionalism, including punctuality, reliability, and adherence to policies and procedures.


Education Currently pursuing or recently completed a Bachelor’s or Master´s degree in pedagogy, English, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), linguistics, or a related field.
Skills and experience
  • Excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken, with a strong understanding of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.
  • Passion for education and a genuine interest in teaching English to a diverse and multicultural student population.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to connect with students and colleagues effectively.
  • Enthusiastic, adaptable, and open to learning from experienced educators and embracing new teaching methodologies.

Interested? Then send us your application!

The deadline for submitting applications for this position is November 15th, 2023.

To apply for the Teacher Intern position, interested candidates are required to submit the following application documents:

  1. Detailed resume or curriculum vitae highlighting relevant education, work experience, and any previous teaching or related experiences.
  2. Compelling cover letter expressing the candidate’s passion for teaching, interest in the English language, and why they are eager to join our language center as a Teacher Intern.
  3. Academic transcripts or certifications, particularly related to English language, TESOL, linguistics, or other relevant fields.
  4. Any additional supporting materials, such as references or letters of recommendation, if available.

Our administration team will review the applications, and shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews. The interview process includes online session.


Availability Only within Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme (only if receiving grant/with zero grant)
Financial compensation Yes
The compensation will be agreed on after successful interview.
Other reimbursement support Public transportation ticket costs
Computer provided? Yes, also for home office
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