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What to expect from our services

Everything starts with sending an internship inquiry.

Using information provided in submitted forms enables us to search for more tailored offers matching the demand.

Our research on prospective partners creates opportunities.

We bring interesting companies and non-profits to the platform and create common pool of internships.

Transparent access to information is the key.

We open the door to easier search and application for internships by putting together a well-structured database.

Successful hiring process brings it home.

Impress your future employer. Prepare CV and/or cover letter and apply independently for internships of your interest.

>> Watch the 1 minute video about our main idea.

Internship inquiry form.

Fill in this form as precisely as you can. Only then we can bring numerous options of internships to the database that will be matching your qualification, skills and interests.

The internship inquiry form is closed at the moment.
This feature offering personalised internship suggestions will be available again in September 2021.

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