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Determine how your interests, personal strengths and skills can be combined profitably. In what areas do you excel? What are your talents and strengths? Think about your hard skills (skills acquired through studying) and soft skills (social skills you possess). Explore different career options.

Research different occupations and job responsibilities. Discuss your options with friends or family members working in similar fields or simply connect with people via LinkedIn and ask them about their job. Make sure that you enjoy work.

Think of ways how you are valuable for the company. What can you bring to the table? What makes you different in comparison to other candidates? And other way around – what added value and learning outcomes can you possibly take from this opportunity?

Choosing a career is a process. It takes time to find your calling and discover your talents – so don’t limit yourself. Do you already have a dream career that is aligned with your goals? Perfect! You need a plan how to achieve it – step by step – and internship is usually a reasonable step to get your food in the door.

Submitting the same generic resume to every job posting is the best approach if you your goal is to stay away of internship/job offers. Tailor it to the specific vacancy you are targeting, read the job post carefully and understand what experience and your accomplishments are relevant and highlight them.

Recognise the difference between job duties (what you did) and accomplishments (how well you performed). Step up your game and communicate clearly what are you capable of. Add achievements, accomplishments, and awards to your CV/resume.

Coordinated training workshops – vs. – Coordinated 4 training workshops for up to 30 participants. What tells more about you? Numbers and quantifiers are the game changer because by quantifying your accomplishments you make it easier for the recruiter to understand and picture the level of work and/or responsibility you had. Create a list, and add in as many facts, quantifiers, and numbers as you can.

Smiling at the beach with a glass of sangria is not making you look particularly professional. And if nobody has told you yet, we’re telling you now: neither e-mail address does. Instead, go for some neutral picture and address that incorporates your name such as

Proofreading your CV/resume is an essential step at any professional level. Check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, design consistency, and language. Then check it again. And then again. Mistakes – big or small – can mean the difference between getting an interview and getting the rejection.

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